Why Hire a Personal Chef

In today’s busy business environment employers are expecting more from employees than ever before. That may result in longer work hours or taking on more tasks and responsibilities than when you were first hired. If this is not stressful enough at the end of the work day you go home feeling exhausted and now comes your domestic duties that may include preparing dinner for the family. Wouldn’t it be great if all you needed to do was take a meal out of the refrigerator, heat it in the microwave or oven, serve it and enjoy the rest of your evening. Wait! Let’s go back a step. The meal you took out of the refrigerator is not one of those frozen meals you bought at the grocery store that’s commercially processed and contains preservatives that you can’t pronounce. It’s a meal prepared by a personal chef with fresh ingredients, contains no preservatives and was prepared in your own kitchen.

Personal chefs are becoming the alternative way of having healthy meals prepared for many Americans and those reasons may include the following:


  • Not enough time at the end of the day.
  • Personal physical limitations don’t permit preparing your own meals.
  • Recently released from the hospital and need meals prepared by someone else.
  • Medical condition requires meals prepared only with certain ingredients.
  • You don’t like to cook but want to end the vicious cycle of eating out or eating fast food.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Personal chefs offer several features in their service that makes them attractive to everyday Americans and not just those with higher incomes. Personal chefs usually offer grocery shopping as part of their service with no markup on the groceries they shop for their clients. They prepare meals in the privacy and safety of your own kitchen with fresh ingredients. They clean up after themselves leaving your kitchen as spotless as they found it. If you hire them for meals service, where several meals are prepared for the week on a cook date, they leave you with heating instructions for each entrée taking out the guesswork of how long to heat each meal in your microwave or oven.

Personal chefs offer different services depending on your event with grocery shopping included:
Table Setting 1

  • Meal service, where several meals for the week are prepared on a cook date.
  • Private and group parties.
  • Group cooking with instruction.
  • Romantic dinners for couples.
  • Cooking as gift for those special people in your life.

Isn’t time to give yourself a break and let someone else do the cooking for you?  Pleasing Cuisine services the greater Chicago area.