In-Home Meal Service

The In-Home Meal Service provides different meal options with respect to the number of entrées, side dishes and servings. There are different plans to fit individuals and families alike. If the featured plans don’t fit your lifestyle then simply ask and Pleasing Cuisine will work with you to custom design a plan that works for you.

Pork ChopWith the In-Home Meal Service your personal chef will conduct a free no obligation consultation to assess your likes, dislikes and determine if there are any food allergies or sensitivities. Once the assessment is complete, and if you proceed with the service, Pleasing Cuisine will help you with menu planning by either allowing you to select meals featured in their suggestive menus or will accommodate special requests or recipes of your choosing. Regardless of how meals are selected, Pleasing Cuisine will customize each meal based on the assessment as part of the service. The service also includes grocery shopping in which no markup is added to their cost. When your personal chef arrives at your home for the scheduled cook date all the necessary equipment to prepare your meals in the comfort and privacy of your own kitchen will be brought. All that is necessary is a working stove, oven, perhaps a microwave and your own personal storage containers. Your personal chef will help you obtain storage containers if you don’t own any. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. After each meal is cooked and cooled, your personal chef will package the entrée or side dish in its container, label it and store it in the freezer or refrigerator with respect to when is needed to be prepared. You will receive written heating instructions for every entrée or side dish prepared. Once all meals are prepared your personal chef will clean up and leave your kitchen as spotless as it was found.  Click here to see our Entree Options.

“As a working family where both parents work long hours and trying to raise two little ones gets over whelming. I wondered where parents find the time and energy to accomplish everything that is demanded of them, let alone making sure their family eats healthy. It wasn’t until a friend of mine suggested that I hire a personal chef. I did an internet search and found APPCA, an organization of private and personal chefs. They offered a listing that included personal chefs by state and county. I contacted Chef Tony Gomez of Pleasing Cuisine and made an appointment since he offered a free consultation. During our initial meeting Chef Tony did an assessment of our family’s eating habits and took into account any food sensitivities, which I found interesting that he knew to ask since one of my kids has a nut allergy. After our meeting I felt confident to hire his services and we purchased a meal plan that I felt would be right for our family of four. Chef Tony now prepares meals for us one day a week, packages and stores the food for us to heat at our leisure, and even leaves us with detailed heating instructions for each meal. I must point out that these are healthy meals made with fresh ingredients and nothing comes out of a can or box. So far our family is enjoying our meals and we haven’t seen the same meal being repeated once. I’m so glad my friend suggested hiring a personal chef and I’m even more glad we hired Chef Tony.”

Linda D.