Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a personal chef?

A Personal Chef assists you with everything related to having a healthy dinner waiting for you to enjoy at the end of a hard-working day. This includes meal planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation and cleanup.

Who would need a personal chef?

  • Busy professionals who want to stop eating out or buying fast food.
  • Families that want to return to eat as a family due to busy schedules.
  • People with diabetes or other medical conditions who need to control their diets.
  • People recently released from the hospital and need temporary meal service.
  • People who can’t cook for themselves because of physical or medical restrictions.
  • Anyone wanting to enjoy more free time.

How does using a personal chef work?

The personal chef, during an initial free consultation, performs a Client Assessment to establish the best service option that meets the client’s needs. Doing the assessment the client’s likes and dislikes are determined along with any food sensitivities, allergies, and medical parameters. Based on the results of the assessment a customized menu will be designed and submitted to the client for approval. Once the menu is approved a cooked date is scheduled. On the morning of the cook date the Personal Chef will bring all the necessary professional equipment for meal preparation and cooking in the privacy and safety of the client’s kitchen.

The Personal Chef will prepare all the entrées from the service plan you selected and package them for storage, label each container, leave you with
easy to follow heating and handling instructions, and performs cleanup.

How long will you be here?

I’ll be cooking several different entrées and side dishes from scratch, so it may take several hours (usually 5 – 7 hours), depending on the menu choices.

What does an entrée include?

Each entrée includes the protein (beef, chicken, veal, pork, lamb or seafood) and one side dish (fresh vegetable, grain, potato, pasta or salad).

Will there be a menu to choose from?

Pleasing Cuisine offers a menu of entrées to choose from but is flexible to prepare recipes of your own choosing. Personalize recipes require two weeks lead time. Regardless of the entrées selected, they will be customized based on the results of the Client Assessment.

Who provides the Storage Containers?

The client is encouraged to purchase their own reusable containers but Pleasing Cuisine can provide them at cost. It is recommended that they be of uniform shape and size, can be stored efficiently, and can go from refrigerator/freezer to table after being heated.

I highly recommend using either Pyrex® or CorningWare®. Disposable containers can be provided at $15.00 per cook date.

Can I order extra side dishes?

Entrées come with one side dish (fresh vegetable, grain, potato, pasta or salad) but additional sides can be purchased for $15.00 plus the cost of groceries.

How do I heat the food?

Any entrée stored in your freezer should be defrosted overnight in your refrigerator, and heated to be enjoyed at the peak of their flavor. The Personal Chef will leave you with easy to follow HEATING instructions for each entrée.

How much freezer space do I need?

It depends on the number of meals you request and the size of the containers, but it does generally require a considerable amount of freezer space. Efficient storage is one of the reasons we prefer to select the appropriate uniform size storage containers for our clients.

How does payment work?

If you accept the service during the initial free consultation payment in advance for the amount of the service plan you selected is required in order to reserve your Personal Chef ’s cook date. Clients customarily leave a check for the subsequent cook date on the day the Personal Chef is cooking. Since cook dates for regular clients are scheduled on a quarterly basis, it is necessary for any cancellation to be requested at least 7 days in advance of your schedule regular cook date and there can be no guarantee of a rescheduled date before the end of the quarter. Cancellations within 3 days
of your regular scheduled cook date will be charged half of your regular service charge.

Are you licensed?

Chef Tony Gomez is licensed by the State of Illinois, holds a current ServSafe Certification from the National Restaurant Association, and is certified in Food Sanitation by the State of Illinois Department of Public Health. Credentials are available for inspection upon request.

Do you charge for mileage?

Yes, but only for distances in excess of 25 miles one way, in which case a charge of the standard mileage rate of 55 cents per mile. This rate is subject to change by the IRS.

Does you offer tastings?

Tastings are traditionally given by catering companies for clients that are hosting large parties like a wedding for example. Since Personal Chefs operate on a smaller scale, we offer the following:
Two 2-portion entrées with a $50 deposit paid in advance, refunded if Pleasing Cuisine is hired to cook one of our meal plans.