About the Chef

Chef Tony

Chef Tony Gomez

Chef Tony’s interest in the culinary arts grew slowly from a young boy by watching his mother cook over the years since she was a chef herself.  Although he had initially told himself that he would never work in the food industry, he couldn’t help but develop a passion for the culinary arts since it offered him an opportunity to be challenged and exercise his creativity. Chef Tony had augmented what he had learned by experimenting with recipes from books and food magazines along with watching cooking shows on television. He attended a prestigious culinary arts school and after his first year of demonstrating academic achievement, he was nominated unanimously by the culinary instructors to represent the school as the student delegate to the National Restaurant Association Show’s “Michael E. Hurst Forum & Salute to Excellence,” where the top two students from different culinary institutions are honored. During his second year he was selected to be part of the team that represented the school in an exchange program with the Hotelfauschule College of Tourism, in Semmering, Austria. Chef Tony graduated with high honors and is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa and the Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Societies.

As a member of the American Culinary Federation and the American Personal & Private Chef Association, Chef Tony is able to continue learning and honing his skills as a chef from seasoned and leading professional chefs in the industry.

After working in restaurants and country clubs over the years, Chef Tony saw an opportunity to fill an area of the food industry by becoming a personal chef. His goal is to help everyday American individuals and families end their dependency on fast food or eating their meals away from home, and bringing them back to their tables to enjoy healthy meals made with fresh ingredients and made in their own kitchen.